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Core Services


  • Company registration

    We provide companies in Thailand with business services including acting accounting and trademark registration.
  • Visa services

    We are familiar with various visa handling procedures and can effectively meet your development needs in Thailand.
  • Tax accounting

    We are in charge of acting accounting and tax reports to help you maximize your interests in Thailand.
  • Real estate ownership transfer

    Safeguard your real estate in Thailand through legal procedures
  • More Services


    We can help you

    What do you need most when you are developing your business in Thailand?

  • A professional accounting law consultant
  • A professional manager familiar with the Thai market
  • Precise Service


  • Thai Visa


    · Thai elite visa

    · Investment visa

    · Thai work visa

    · Thai work permits

    · Thai visa renewal

    · Thai business visa

    · Thai dependent visa

    · Marriage registration in Thailand

    · Student visa

  • Industry and commece


    · Joint venture registration

    · BOI Company

    · Annual review for Thai companies

    · Acting accounting for Thai companies

    · Social security service

    · Bank account opening

    · Accounting outsourcing for Thai companies

    · Trademark Registration

    · Intellectual property rights

  • Qualification


    · Travel Agency Permit

    · Hotel Operation Permit

    · Thailand Import and Export Permit

    · Plant Operation Permit

    · Architecture Industrial Permit

    · Store Operation Permit

    · Tobacco and Alcohol Sales Permit

    · Fruit Import and Export Permit

    · agent application for a driving license

  • Simple and one-stop procedures

    We provide consulting services to face the problems of enterprises

    registered and operating in Thailand under the complex market conditions.

  • Provide resolutions
  • Review documents
  • Escort
  • One-for-one counseling

  • Analyze customers

  • Provide legal resolutions

  • Follow-up legal services

  • MDR—Devoted, professional and unique
    Accounting and legal services constitute the core services of MDR. We have a professional lawyer team and rich resources, which allow us to share jointly-created values with clients. With us, you will harvest more than business and legal services

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